About City Woodwork

And idea born in the city, grown in the community

City Woodwork was an idea first formulated by the founder, Terry Norman, in 2012. At that time the idea was to use woodwork as therapy to help soldiers with PTSD to heal. Whilst still important to us, this quickly grew to include people who are socially isolated, women with young children, men who have suffered loss, particularly older men. Each day the list of groups of people we aspire to help grows.

Additionally the team recognised that there are many people living in cities who want to make things, to do woodwork, but don't know how to begin, particularly with the restrictions that living in a constrained space - a city flat - presents. How does one manage the noise, find materials, what techniques and tools does one need, and so on - the list seems endless. Having learned how to overcome these problems ourselves, we have a lot of advice to pass on.

The company was formed in 2018 when City Woodworking moved to the Remakery, Brixton (51 Lilford Road, Brixton, London SE5 9HY).

We are currently working hard to establish our presence in the community and to fund our community work through corporate events and white collar woodworking courses.


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